Digitalisation of cross-border judicial cooperation.

Autor: Katharina Elisele
Fecha: 29/04/2022

EISELE Katharina.: Digitalisation of cross-border judicial cooperation.

  • While the Commission makes the case for advancing the digitalisation of judicial cooperation, and while the IA supporting this initiative received a positive opinion from the RSB, it does nevertheless appear weak on several points. The Commission corroborates its problem definition using several recent sources and data. The Commission conducted several stakeholder consultation activities, for some of which, more specific information would have been useful. Stakeholder views are reflected in the IA report. It appears, however, that the main source, an external study, is available only in the interinstitutional database of EU studies and not available to the wider public at the time of writing. Moreover, it appears that the range of options is very limited, with seemingly no real alternative to the preferred legislative, Option 2 (the voluntary approach under the Option 1 is not considered as effective). It is notable that the description of impacts relating to data protection and data security is very limited for all options, despite their likely relevance (Texto completo).

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