ECRE Weekly Bulletin. Boletín Semanal de ECRE: 2019.

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Fecha: 06/12/2019

ECRE Weekly Bulletin. El Boletín Semanal de ECRE ofrece información sobre los últimos acontecimientos europeos en el área de asilo.   Publicación desde  12.01.2007 en este enlace se recogen solamente los Boletines a partir del 1 de enero de 2019.

Latest issues: 

  • 06/12/2019. JHA Council: New Proposals, Old Problems. Med: Deaths, Returns, Rescues and Hope for Justice. Council Gives Green Light for Migration Statistics Regulation Reform. France Cancels the Delivery of Six Boats to Libya. Turkish Authorities Confiscate Personal Data of Hundreds of Turkish Asylum-Seekers. France: Another Round of Evacuations – Still Shortage of Sustainable Solutions. Human Rights Watch: Denial of Education for Rohingya Refugee Children. #VoicesOfECRE: Yagoub Kibeida.
  • 29/11/2019. Security in Our Homes Does Not Begin at Our Borders!. Med: Mounting Death Toll while NGOs Struggle to Keep up with Rescues. Finnish Presidency Pushes For Widening Leverage on Returns. UK: Pre-Removal Detention of Asylum Seekers Confirmed Unlawful. Turkey: Proposed Reform of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection. ECRE Policy Note: Schengen – A Club where Fundamental Rights (Do Not) Matter?. The Role of EASO Operations in National Asylum Systems: ECRE Report.
  • 22/11/2019. Containment instead of Protection: EU Politics in Greece and the Balkans. Med: NGOs Defying “Complete Disregard for Potential Loss of life”. Greece: Return to Plans for Detention Centres on the Islands. Belgium: New Reception Shortages Prevent People from Seeking Asylum. Netherlands: An End to Legal Aid at First Instance. ECtHR : Confinement to Airport Transit Zone Amounts to Violation of ECHR. ECtHR: Failure to Assess Risk of Return Violated Article 3 ECHR. CJEU: Withdrawal of Material Reception Conditions not a Lawful Sanction for Violation of House Rules. New Research Demonstrates that Search and Rescue is Not a Pull Factor. Policy Note: Time to Commit: Using the Global Refugee Forum. Joint Letter: Calling on Nordic and Baltic Involvement in European Disembarkation and Relocation Arrangements. #VoicesOfECRE: Bellinda Bartolucci.
  • 08/11/2019. Med: At Least Nine People Dead after Shipwreck off Lanzarote; UN: Huge Risks at Land and Sea Routes. Resettlement Places in Dire Need. Germany: Constitutional Court Strengthens Rights of Asylum Seekers Subject to Dublin. Serbia: Report Denounces Poor Quality of Asylum Decisions and Obstacles to Integration. Greece: New Strasbourg Interim Measures to Halt “Protective Custody” of Unaccompanied Children. Netherlands: Persisting Delays in the Procedure Put Strain on Reception. Advocate General: Refusal to Relocate Asylum Seekers “Breached EU Law”. The Future of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund: Our Call for More Humane, Transparent and Effective Resources for Asylum and Migration in the Union. The IRC Calls for a Renewed and Improved EU Action Plan on Integration. #VoicesOfECRE: Eero Janson.
  • 31/10/2019. Refugees Shouldn’t Be Used as Props to Alert to the Dangers of Climate Change. Med: Armed Intervention against Rescue Ship and Pull-Back to Libya. Series of Incidents of People Risking Their Life on Refrigerated Trucks to Reach UK. Malta in the ‘Imperfect Storm’: Illegal Detention, Crack Down on Protests, Abuse and Overcrowding in Centres. Greece: New Restrictions on Rights and Procedural Guarantees in International Protection Bill. Amnesty Reports Documents Forced Returns from Turkey to Syria UNDP Report: Stark Personal and Socio-economic Implications of Lack of Legal Pathways. Joint Statement: NGOs Call on the EU and its Member States to Demonstrate Leadership on Resettlement at the Global Refugee Forum 2019. #VoicesOfECRE: Herbert Langthaler.
  • 18/10/2019Croatia’s Schengen Accession: Reinforcing Legal Red Lines Not Borders; Commission 4-year-Progress Report Lists Fall in Arrivals as Key Achievement. Med: Alarming Numbers of Interceptions. Systemic Pushbacks and Border Violence Continue in the Balkans; Greece: Legislation Reform and Chaos on the Islands amid Expected Surge in Arrivals. Italy: Rescued Asylum Seekers Left in “Extremely Critical” Conditions in Messina Hotspot. Hungary: Commission Takes Next Step Regarding Non-provision of Food in Transit Zones. Slovenia: Constitutional Court Annuls Provision on Suspension of Asylum Procedure. Asylum Authorities: an Overview of Internal Structures and Available Resources.
  • 11/10/2019. Disembarkation – Are We Nearly There Yet?. Launch of Initiative on Eastern Mediterranean Route as further Displacements Looms; Med: More than 20 Feared Dead after Shipwreck off Lampedusa; Second EU Agreement on Border Cooperation in the Balkans with More to Follow. Italy: List of 13 Safe Countries of Origin to Boost Return Policies. ECtHR: Freedom of the Press to Report on the Living Conditions in Reception Centres. ECRE Policy Note: Making the CEAS Work, Starting Today.
  • 04/10/2019. European Agendas on Migration: Risk and Dilemma for EU Foreign Policy. Med: At 6th Anniversary of Lampedusa Shipwreck Death Toll Reaches 1000. Renewed Critical Focus on Frontex Internal Reporting. Spain: Rights of Asylum Seekers Deteriorating at Border with Morocco. Germany: “Sickening Living Conditions” in AnKER Centres. Greece: Overhaul of Asylum Legislation in the Aftermath of Tragic Incident in Moria. France: Constitutional Court Deems Administrative Court Competence over Legality of Detention Orders for Asylum Seekers Lawful. UNHCR: Less People Fleeing via more Risky Routes in South East Asia. Thousands Forced to Niger Escaping Violence in Northern Nigeria.
  • 27/09/2019Keeping it Simple in the Med. Detention by Default – a Maltese Betrayal. Operation Sophia: Ships Remain Suspended while Support of Libyan ‘Coast Guard’ Continues. Commission Express Commitment to Turkey Agreement as Situation Continues to Worsen in Greece. Sweden: Deportations on the Rise and Self-harm Widespread. UK: Report Catalogues Fifteen Years of Home Office Failures. Italy: Decree Sets Out Areas for Application of Border Procedure. Guidance to Respect Children’s Rights in Return Policies and Practices.
  • 20/09/2019Libya: Humanitarian Solutions Won’t Solve Political Problems. The Birth Defect of EU Migration Diplomacy. EU Praise of Libyan Coast Guard out of Touch with Reality. Mediterranean: Over 400 Rescued while Deaths Continue. Slight Increase of Arrivals to Greece Adds to Humanitarian Crisis. France: Police Evicts Hundreds from Camp in Grande-Synthe. Italy: Officials of the Italian Coast Guard Persecuted for Shipwreck in 2013. Botswana Begins Deportations of Refugees from Namibia.
  • 13/09/2019The College of Commissioners: What’s in a Name?. Stand-offs Continue at the Mediterranean Despite New Government in Italy. Ankara and Berlin at Odds over Turkey Agreement Implementation. Hungary: Government Extends the “State of Crisis due to Mass Migration”. Germany: Integration of Refugees into Labour Market Deemed Success – with Limitations. Asylum Decisions in the First Half of 2019: Unlocking Statistics. UNHCR Agrees with Rwanda on Transit Evacuation Mechanism for Refugees Detained in Libya. U.S. Supreme Court Lifts Ban on Trump’s Safe Third Country Policy while Legal Battle Continues.
  • 06/09/2019. A Fork in the Road; MED: Silver Lining Looms on the Horizon while NGOs Endure Salvini’s ‘Final Blow’. Greece: Transfers to Mainland Camps and Reform Plans Following Surge in Arrivals. Sweden: Migration Agency Declares Parts of Syria Safe; France: Report Documents Continued Denial of Rights to Migrant Children; UNHCR: Despite Progress Less than Half of Refugee Children in Education. Lebanon: Deportations of Syrian Refugees Despite Warnings.
  • 30/08/2019. A Fork in the Road. Deaths and Standoffs on the Med Reinforce Calls for State-led SAR; Germany: Corte Finds German-Greek Bilateral Agreement Violates European Law; Spain Curbs Last State-Run Rescue Operation in EU; Greece: Death of 15-year-old Following Failure to Implement Safeguards for Children; Turkey: Mass Detention Following Istanbul Push for Return of Refugees to “Satellite Cities”; The Dublin System in the First Half of 2019; Report on Illegal Pushback and Border Violence; Rohingya Gather for Mass Protest at Second Anniversary of Their Forced Displacement.
  • 28/06/2019. The EU at the Dock for Crimes against Humanity?. Sea Watch-3. Defies Salvini But Kept from Entering Port. Denmark: Appeal Board Overturns Withdrawals of Protection Status for Syrians. The French Council of State Orders Sanitary Measures for Migrants in Grande-Synthe. The Committee on the Rights Condemns Spain’s Treatment of Unaccompanied Children. Report: Decrease in Applications and Negative Public Attitudes in Visegrád Four. Tunisia: Controversy over Return of Stranded Bangladeshi Nationals. Regime Change and Migration Cooperation in the “New Gambia”. Combattre la violence sous toutes ses formes à l’égard des enfants migrants.
  • 21/06/2019.  Mediterranean: Deaths, Rescues and Political Manoeuvres Continue. UNHCR’s Recommendations to the Finnish Presidency of the Council. Austria: Increasing Use of Detention According to Latest Statistics. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Local Authorities Relocate People to “Middle of Nowhere”. Sweden: Parliament Extends the Temporary Law. Germany: Conservatives Push for Deportations to Afghanistan and Syria. Cyprus: International Protection Administrative Court Starts Operations. Hungary: New Police Department Takes Over Responsibility for Asylum. RSA Report on Greece’s Failure to Implement Long-term Solutions for Reception Conditions. U.S.: Cuts of Aid to Prevent Migration More Likely to Increase it. Stranded at Sea – Observations from the Deck of the Sea-Watch.
  • 14/06/2019. Just When You Thought It Was Safe...; Rescue Meltdown on the Med. UN Agencies Raise Alarm over Libya on Land and Sea; German Parliament Passes “Orderly-Return-Law”. Germany: End of Church Asylum?; New Reports on Detention in the Baltics; Over Four Million Refugees have Fled the Deepening Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela.
  • 07/06/2019. After the European Parliament Elections. Back and Forth on the Med: Rescues, Deaths, Interceptions, Resistance. Germany Rejects 75% of Greek Requests for Family Reunification; France: Systematic Immigration Detention further Undermines Rights; SJME Denounces Discrimination in Spanish Migrant Detention System. ICC Submission Seeks to Hold the EU Accountable for Creation of “World’s Deadliest Migration Route”. Greece: European Committee on Social Rights Decision on Immediate Measures for Migrant Children Requires Urgent Action; Situation Worsens for Migrants on Western Mediterranean Route.
  • 31/05/2019. 12 Worlds within Our Island; Interceptions and Reluctant Rescues on the Mediterranean. Turkey: Lawyers Arbitrarily Detained in Izmir Removal Centre UK: Interim Guidance on Age Assessment Following Latest Judgment. AIDA Comparative Report: The Reception of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Europe. Dispute over Deportations from Lebanon amid New Displacement in Syria. Ruben Anderson: We Need to Snap Out of the Crisis Mode and Take a Step Back.
  • 24/05/2019. EP Elections: Every Vote Counts–Make Sure It’s Yours!. Pushing EU Borders: First Joint Operation of Frontex in Third Country; Growing Trend of Criminalising Support for Migrants Across Europe; Italy: Salvini Faces Headwind from Two Fronts; UK: Scheme to Transfer Unaccompanied Children from Camps in France Ending; France: Hundreds of People Occupy Airport to Protest Airline’s Role in Deportations. ECRE Report on the Airport Procedure in Germany; ECRE Policy Note on Outspending on Migration. UNHCR: Majority of People Fleeing Venezuela in Need of International Protection. Overlooked Challenges–Tackling Statelessness in Europe’s Refugee Response
  • 17/05/2019. 52 People Jump Fence into Melilla while 40 Arrested. Tragedy and Chaos Continues on the Mediterrenean; 100 Asylum Seekers Acquitted in Greece after Protest; CJEU: Refugees who Committed Crimes Cannot Be Automatically Returned. Rights at Risk: The Implications of a Closer Asylum-Return Nexus. Thousands of People Displaced as Conflict Flares Up in North Western Syria. Ready to Rescue – Caught up in Politics.
  • 10/05/2019. Interception and Return of 170 Refugees to Libya. Sweden: Case against the State on Medical Age Assessment Before Chancellor of Justice. German Pilots Prevent 506 Deportations Amid Concerns over Rights Violations in Removal Procedures. Spain: Human Rights Violations in the Detention Centre of Aluche. Hungary Gives Afghan Families ‘an Offer You Can’t Refuse’. PRO ASYL Makes Recommendations for Improving Decision-Making and Asylum Procedures. Displacement and Ebola Outbreak in the Conflict Ridden North Kivu Province of Congo. The European Summit of Refugees and Migrants: “We Thought that Europeans Should Hear from Us”.
  • 03/05/2019. A Qualification, an Assumption and a Contradiction - Positions of the Commission Candidates. From Bad to Worse for Migrants Trapped in Detention in Libya. EU Report Links Drop in Arrivals to Spanish Moroccan Cooperation. Germany: BAMF Stops Processing Syrian Asylum Applications while Reassessing Security Situation. Greece: Detention Remains a Systematic and Arbitrary Practice. UK: Whistleblowers Allege Violations of the Rights of Asylum Seekers in UK Home Office. La Cimade Reports Increasing Resort to House Arrest, Withdrawal of Reception, and Detention in Dublin Practice. Sri Lanka: Assaults Force Refugees into Hiding.
  • 26/04/2019. Austria: New Agency for Asylum Support - “The End of Independent Legal Assistance”. AIDA 2018 Update: Sweden. AIDA 2018 Update: Portugal. ECtHR: Submission of Case against Greece and the Persecution of Humanitarians. Hungarian Helsinki Committee Update Reveals Continued Violations in Transit Zones. The AnkER Centres: ECRE Publishes Report of Visit to Germany. Panic and Detention as Mexico Cracks Down on Migrants. Haunted by the Past and Insecure about the Future. Detention and Harms of Asylum Seekers in Northern European Countries.
  • 19/04/2019. Countering the Far Right has to Continue in Election Countdown. Detention, Insecurity, Rights Deprivation - The Legal Crackdown on Asylum Seekers in Germany; European Commission Publishes Latest Report on Turkey Refugee Facility. Refugees Caught in the Crossfire of Latest Clashes in Libya. Continued Stand Off over Rescued Migrants Unfolds in European Waters. AIDA 2018 Update: Germany. AIDA 2018 Update: Italy. France: Nearly 90% of Calls to Paris Phone Registration Platform Missed. Costa Rica Struggles with over 60,000 Fleeing from Nicaragua.
  • 05/04/2019.  Here We Go Again. An EU Agreement on Reform of Frontex. Malta Charges Five Rescued Migrants with ‘Terrorist Activities’ while Facts Remain Unclear. Germany: Data on Decision-Making Reveals BAMF Shortcomings. UK: Excessive Delays in Family Reunion Leave Unaccompanied Children in Limbo. ECRE Report: The Implementation of the Dublin III Regulation in 2018. Mainstreamed or Overlooked: a Study on Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees in the European Social Fund. Rohingya Students Expelled from School in Bangladesh.
  • 29/03/2019. Operation Sophia is Given Six More Months Without Ships; UK: Home Office Detention Melt-down; France: Bone Tests to Determine Migrant Age Ruled Compliant with Constitution: a “Disgraceful” Decision according to NGOs. AIDA 2018 Update: Hungary. AIDA 2018 Update: Belgium & the Netherlands. AIDA 2018 Update: Austria. AIDA 2018 Update: Turkey. AIDA 2018 Update: Greece. Study Seeks to Fill Knowledge Gap on Sexual Abuse of Male Migrants.
  • 22/03/2019. Refugee Inclusion - From Capacity Building to a Working Relationship; Mare Jonio Seized by Italian Authorities while Loss of Lives on the Med Continues; Germany Steps Up Dublin Transfers Putting Asylum Seekers at Risk; Scotland Leading the Way on UK Resettlement Scheme; AIDA 2018 Update: Malta. AIDA 2018 Update: Spain & France. AIDA 2018 Update: Cyprus. AIDA 2018 Update: Croatia. Kenya: LGBTI Refugees Detained after Delay of Ruling on Decriminalising Homosexuality.
  • 15/03/2019. ECRE’s Work Goes On in the Calm Before the Storm. Pull Factors – The Myth That Never Dies…Third Brussels Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region. EASO Publishes Country Guidance on Nigeria. AIDA 2018 Update: United Kingdom. AIDA 2018 Update: Romania and Serbia. AIDA 2018 Update: Poland. Most People Drowned at Moroccan Maritime Border Never Identified. International Concern over the Relocation of Rohingya Refugees to a Remote Island. To Be or Not To Be LGBTI Asylum Seeker in the Netherlands.
  • 08/03/2019. Strategic Destitution and the Politics of Migration; UNHCR’s Uncourageous Vision; EU-Turkey Deal: Reception Conditions Trigger Voluntary Returns; Operation ‘Sophia’: EU Officials Aware Naval Military Mission Made Crossing the Med More Dangerous;  Scotland: Report Reveals Destitution of Rejected Asylum Seekers. Hungary: Constitutional Court fails to give sufficient protection to people and organisations working to protect the rights of asylum seekers; Serbia: Report on the Right to Asylum in 2018; AIDA 2018 Update: Slovenia; AIDA 2018 Update: Ireland; The crises is national politics – the solution is local engagement.
  • 01/03/2019. How to Design Fair and Efficient Asylum Procedures in Populist Times?. The Rights of Minors: UN Condemns Spain’s Push-Backs and Demands Legal Amendments. European Parliament LIBE Committee Vote on EP Report on the Proposed Asylum and Migration Fund. EU-ALS Summit Overshadowed by AU Document Thwarting EU Plans for ‘Disembarkation Platforms’. Denmark: ‘Paradigm Shift’ Takes Race to the Bottom to a New Low. Germany Supported the Return of 437 People to Syria – Reports on Disappearance of Returnees Raise Concern. AIDA 2018  Update: Switzerland. AIDA 2018 Update: Bulgaria. France Fails to Fulfill its Duty to Protect an Unaccompanied Child Breached Article 3 of the Convention. Greece violated Convention by Placing Unaccompanied Minors in Protective Custody in Police Stations and not Addressing ill-treatment Complaints. ECRE/PICUM Policy Paper: Promoting Socio-economic Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees in the next EU Budget (2021–2027). MSF: The Insecure and Unsafe Situation of Migrants in Europe Increases their Psychological Pain and Suffering. ICJ Ruling gives Exiled Chagos Islanders Hope of Return.
  • 22/02/2019. Afghanistan: Return Policies Should not Be Guided by Oversimplifications. Sea Watch 3 Remains in Port amid Continued Loss of Life’s on the Med. Spain: The UN Condemns Spain for Push-back Policy Violating Children’s Rights. Germany: Draft Bill to Expand Detention and Target Civil Society, Deportations to Afghanistan Continue. German “AnKER Centres” Drawing Increasing Critique. Greece: CPT Repeats Condemnation of Inhuman Detention Conditions in Latest Report. ECRE Policy Note: No Reason for Returns to Afghanistan. UNHCR Urges States to Create Safe Passages. Less than 5 % of Resettlement Needs Met in 2018. Ethiopia Passes New Law Improving Reception and Integration Standards for Refugees.
  • 15/02/2019. Asylum in 2018: Decision-making Must Improve; Germany: Violence in Deportation Procedures. UK: Vulnerable Adults still being Detained Despite Legislation. France: Court Orders OFII to Improve Platform for Asylum Registration. Global Detention Project Slovakia: Punitive Conditions Paid for by the Detainees- Return Counselling: Supporting informed decision-making through impartial, independent and non-directive counselling. Australia: Landmark “Medevac” Bill Passed in Parliament, But not without Backlash. Thousands Displaced by Newly Erupted Violence in South Sudan.
  • 08/02/2019. EP Election 2019: Voter Turnout is the Key to an Open Europe. Sea Watch 3 Still Held in Catania Port after Being Cleared of Criminal Charges. Dutch to Re-examine 700 Children’s Pardon Cases, but Scheme will be Scrapped for Future Applicants. Stansted 15: Freedom for Peaceful Deportation Activists, but Deportations Still on Agenda. Greece: Destitution and makeshift accommodation continue in Thessaloniki. Crossing a Red Line: How EU Countries Undermine the Right to Liberty by Expanding the Use of Detention of Asylum Seekers upon Entry. Stakeholders Encouraged to “Live Up to Commitments” of Break-Through CAR Peace Agreement. 
  • . EP Election 2019: Voter Turnout is the Key to an Open Europe. Sea Watch 3 Still Held in Catania Port after Being Cleared of Criminal Charges. Dutch to Re-examine 700 Children’s Pardon Cases, but Scheme will be Scrapped for Future Applicants. Stansted 15: Freedom for Peaceful Deportation Activists, but Deportations Still on Agenda. Greece: Destitution and makeshift accommodation continue in Thessaloniki. Crossing a Red Line: How EU Countries Undermine the Right to Liberty by Expanding the Use of Detention of Asylum Seekers upon Entry. Stakeholders Encouraged to “Live Up to Commitments” of Break-Through CAR Peace Agreement. 
  • 25/01/2019. Will European Politicians Catch Up with their Future Voters on Climate March?. A Multiple Hazard Area: Refugees and Their Lawyers in Danger. Deaths and Disputes Continue in the Mediterranean, as Refugees and Migrants are Returned to Abuse. Asylum Statistics 2018: Changing Arrivals, Same Concerns. Forced Evictions Underway, Italy’s Closure of Refugee Centre Meets Widespread Criticism. Spain: Court Orders Access to Reception for Dublin Returnees. Iceland: Equal Reception Conditions for Resettled Refugees and Asylum Seekers. Spain Proposes Increase in Deportations and Detention. Relying on Relocation: ECRE Proposal for a Predictable and Fair Relocation following Disembarkation. WHO Finds Migrants and Refugees at Good General Health but at Greater Risk. Cameroon Forces Nigerian Refugees back to Violence.
  • 18/01/2019. Immigration: Derails the Brexit Train. Op-ed: Parliament Approves its Position on ESF+ and Calls for Enhancing Social Inclusion. Greece’s treatment of migrant children subject to legal challenge before the European Committee on Social Rights. Spain: Open Arms Search and Rescue Vessel Denied Permission to Conduct Mission. Severe Winter Storms Devastate Syrian Refugees in Temporary Lebanese Camps. Immigration Delays Increase Amid US Government Shutdown. Algeria Deports 25000 Migrants to Niger. 
  • 11/01/2019. Editorial: A Contingency Plan for Disembarkation and Relocation. OPed: Channel Crossings: If Anything has Come to Crisis Point it’s the Language Used by our Home Secretary. France: Lottery-Based Access to Migrants’ Day Centre a Reminder of Reception Shortages. Spain Plans the Expulsion of UASCs, Receives Fierce Opposition from NGOs. Italian Mayors Refuse to Apply Latest Immigration Legislation Limiting Asylum-Seekers’ Rights. DRC Outline their Guiding Principles for Engagement with Return Procedures. DR Congo: Electoral Tensions High Amid Inter-communal Violence and Ebola Outbreak.

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