ECRE Weekly Bulletin. Boletín Semanal de ECRE: 2024.

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Fecha: 23/02/2024

ECRE Weekly Bulletin. El Boletín Semanal de ECRE ofrece información sobre los últimos acontecimientos europeos en el área de asilo.   Publicación desde  12.01.2007 en este enlace se recogen solamente los Boletines a partir del 1 de enero de 2022 hasta  el 23 de febrero de 2024.

Latest issues:

  • 23/02/2024. EU External Partners: NGO Accuses Türkiye of Forced Relocation of Syrian Refugees. While UN Reports Gross Rights Violations on Their Return to Syria. Italy’s Highest Court Rules. That Handing Over Migrants to the Libyan Coast Guard is Illegal. Mauritania Denies That It Will Host Migrants for the EU. EU Northern Borders: ‘Migrant’ Electrocuted on Train in Paris But Others Rescued in the Channel. Senegalese Teenager Convicted on Four Counts of Manslaughter for Piloting Small Boat that Sank in the Channel. Government Planning to Pay TikTok Influencers to Discourage Migrants from Trying to Cross the Channel in Small Boats. Major People Smuggling Network Dismantled Following Large-scale Law Enforcement Operation Involving Police from Belgium, France and Germany. Mediterranean: Italy-Albania Deal Takes Another Step Forward ― Syrian Refugees Go Back and Forth Between Cyprus and Lebanon Despite. Apparent Return Agreement. More Crossings and Deaths as Italian Legislation Partly Blamed for 3000 Drownings in 2023. France: Recent Decision By National Court of Asylum Decision Could Have Significant Impact for Palestinians from the Gaza Strip. Tension in Mayotte Amid Possible Change to Citizenship Rights for Islanders. Former Frontex Chief to Run in European Parliament Elections for Far-right Party. UK: Changes to Ukraine Visa Scheme Amid Housing Concerns. UN Issues Damning Report on Situation of Asylum Seekers on Diego Garcia. UK Signs ‘Working Arrangement’ with Frontex.
  • 16/02/2024. Editorial: All Pact-ed up and ready to go: EU asylum law reforms. Revision of the long-term EU budget: What implications for migration and asylum policy 2024-2027?. Launch of the EUisU Campaign on the 2024 European Parliament elections. Policy Paper 12: The Right to Work for Asylum Applicants in the EU: ECRE’s Analysis of the Challenges Faced by Asylum Applicants in Realising the Right to Work in Europe. Policy Paper 13: Transitioning out of the Temporary Protection Directive: ECRE’s Analysis of the Main Options Available to Ensure a Smooth Transition out of the TPD Regime for People Displaced from Ukraine. EU Eastern Borders: Poland Publishes Data Showing 6000 Pushbacks in Past Six Months. Finland-Russia Border Closure Extended Again. Estonia Considers Closing Border Crossing Points. EU External Partners: EU Signs Latest Migration Deal with Mauritania. Frontex’s Co-operation with Libyan Coast Guard Despite Evidence of Abuse Exposed.
  • 26/01/2024. EU External Partners: Mass Expulsions Continue Six Months into EU-Tunisia Deal. Morocco: Europe’s “Gatekeeper”. Libya Continues to Be “Hell” for Migrants. EU Deepens Co-operation with Egypt Despite Concerns over Rights Violations. “Displacement Misery” in Gaza and ICJ Allows Continuity of South Africa’s Genocide Case Against Israel Mediterranean: Ongoing Crossings and Rescue Efforts Despite Criminalisation of Rescue Organisations by Italian Authorities. Open Arms Ship Facing 20 Days of Detention While Ocean Viking Returns to Sea. Italian MPs Approve Migration Deal With Albania. Cyprus Praised for “Successful” Migration Strategy Amid Increase in Far-right Violence- Greece: Ongoing Pushbacks and Tragedies. More Reports Highlight the Country’s Inhumane and ’Failing’ Asylum System. ECtHR Rules Against the Authorities.
  • 19/01/2024. EU Eastern Borders: Hundreds of NGOs and Individuals Demand that Polish PM Ends Pushbacks, Finland Extends Closure of its Borders with Russia, Slovenia Extends Closure of its Borders with Hungary and Croatia. EU External Partners: European Policies and Funds Blamed for Ongoing Violence Inflicted on Migrants by Tunisian Authorities, So-Called Libyan Coast Guard Continues Interception of Migrants, UN Agencies and EU Politicians Mark 100 Days of Mass destruction, Killing and Displacement in Gaza, EU to Give Egypt €87m to Support Egyptian Border and Navy Guards Despite Lack of Departures from Egyptian Coasts. Mediterranean: Central Mediterranean Route Was the Most Active Migratory Route in 2023, Crossings and Rescue Efforts Continue, Multiple Trials Related to Migration in Italy Happening as Court Prepares to Rule on Albanian-Italian Deal, Attack on Human Rights NGO KISA Highlights Rise in Racist Violence. Germany: Far-Right ‘Remigration’ Meeting Provokes Anger in the Streets, Interior Minister Attributes Decrease in Irregular Border Crossings to Stronger Controls Despite Concerns over Schengen Rules, Adoption of the “Repatriation Improvement Act” Raises Fears and Concerns among NGOs. Hungary: Chief Advisor Calls for EU Financial Support for “Border Security” Despite Decrease in Crossings Through Eastern Borders, Parliament Says Hungarian Government’s Actions and Policies Undermines EU Values, UN Refugee Agency Calls on Hungarian Government to Finalise Work on Asylum and Migration Pact. UK: Government’s Claim On Clearance Of Asylum Backlog Widely UK: Rwanda Bill Moves a Step Closer to Adoption as Rwandan President Casts Doubt on the Scheme and UNHCR Questions its Legality, More Migrants Die Trying to Cross the Channel, Asylum Accommodation Set to Be Excluded from New Legislation Covering Safety of Social Housing
  • 12/01/2024Atlantic Route and Spain: 2023 Marked as the Deadliest Year, Fatal Crossing Attempts, Rescue Efforts and Interceptions by Spain’s African Partners Continue. Greece: New Year Starts as It Ended with Shipwrecks, Pushbacks and Violence Against People on the Move, Greek Authorities Once Again Condemned Over Violations of Refugee and Asylum Seekers’ Rights, Solidarity with Migrants Back on Trial. UK: Government’s Claim On Clearance Of Asylum Backlog Widely Criticised, Questions Over Prime Minister’s Commitment To Rwanda Scheme Amid Preparation for Next Steps, New Details Emerge About The Death Of The Asylum Seeker On The Bibby Stockholm Barge And Humanitarian NGOs Start Medical Programme At UK Asylum Centre, UK’s Efforts to Decrease Boats Crossings Criticised By French Court, Home Office Report Fails To Include Any New Safe And Legal Routes.
  • 15/12/2023Revising the EU Anti-Trafficking Revising the EU Anti-Trafficking directive: an opportunity to strengthen the rights of trafficked persons. EU External Partners: Latest Investigation Revealing European Authorities’ Complicity in Pullbacks Carried Out by Libyan Militia; Abuses by so-called Libyan and Tunisian Coastguard Continue; EU Strengthens Co-operation with Egypt and Morocco, UN Vote for Ceasefire Indicates Israel Losing EU Support. EU Eastern Borders: European Commission Allocates Over € 250 Million for Migration and Border Security; EU Funding for Hungary Unblocked Amid Concerns Over Human Rights; Newly Elected Polish Prime Minister Receives EU Support Despite Using Anti-migrant Rhetoric in Elections Campaign. Finland: Partial Re-opening of Borders with Russia Amid Concerns Over Refugee Rights; Border Closure Raises Fears Among Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia; Migrants Stuck in a “Geopolitical Drama- Greece: Decrease in Arrivals Amidst Ongoing Pushbacks and Ill-treatment of Refugees; Rights Organisations Denounce Lack of Credible Investigation into Pylos Tragedy Amid Ongoing Calls for Accountability; Türkiye Opens a “New Era” of Co-operation with Greece After Years of Tensión. UK: Controversial Rwanda Bill Passes Second Reading Amid Concerns; Death of Asylum Seeker on a Barge & Another Asylum Seeker Crossing the Channel Embody Country’s Inhumane Migration Policies; The Government Uses “Harmful, Unnecessary and Ethical” Age Assessment Methods.
  • 08/12/2023Asylum reforms: Parliament fights its corner. Mediterranean: Crossing Attempts Continue Despite Ongoing Crackdown on NGO Rescue Ships, Malta Makes the “Worst Decision Possible” By Sending El Hiblu 3 to Trial. Balkan Route: A New Report Finds Digitalisation of Biometric Data Collection in Western Balkans Leads to Abuse and Criminalisation of People in the Move, Serbian Bordes Witness Increased Presence of Local and Frontex Officers While BiH Aims to Finalise Agreement with the Agency, Bulgaria and Romania Schengen Accession Undecided. UK: Increased Channel Crossings & Mass Evictions in Northern France, “Morally Repugnant “New Landmark Emergency Legislation” on Costly Rwanda Scheme Sparks Critiques from Conservatives & Charities, Home Office Cancels Asylum Cases Without Consent to Clear Backlog Amid Ongoing Removal of Migrants from One Hotel to Another.
  • 24/11/2023. EU External Partners: UN SG Points to “Unparalleled and Unprecedented” Civilian Death Toll in Gaza Amid Deepening Humanitarian Crisis, as Hopes are on “Pause” EU Remains Split, Largely Irrelevant and Focused on Deterrence of Access to Europe. Atlantic Route and Spain: Increase of Arrivals to Canary Islands Amid Ongoing Deaths and Distress, Senegal Receives Drones & Guards from Spanish Government to Curb Boat Departures. Mediterranean: Cycle of Deaths, Crack-down, Interception and Return Continue. EU Eastern Borders: Migrants Along Belarus-Polish Border Suffer as Winter Sets In Amid Extension of Internal Border Checks Along Poland-Slovakia Border, Hungary Launches Another Anti-EU National Consultation, Finland and Estonia Say Russia Using “Shameful” Approach of Migrant Instrumentalisation. Balkan Route: Increased Arrivals in Serbia Amid Evictions and Raids, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria Introduce Internal Border Checks to Curb Migration, Migrants Report Being Treated “like animals” by Croatian Police Officers. Netherlands: Leading NGO Deeply Concerned over Election Result and Sees Broad Political Failure to Address Challenges.
  • 17/11/2023. EU External Partners: As 1.6 million Have Been Internally Displaced and the Humanitarian Crisis in the Gaza Strip is Spiralling Out of Control, EU Remains Divided and Irrelevant. Mediterranean: Italy-Albania MoU Leaves Trail of Questions, Legal Implications and Critique – Germany to Target NGO Rescuers as The Civil Fleet Continues to Save Lives Amid Italian Crack-down – Ongoing Returns to Torture and Abuse in Libya. Greece: Ombudsman Opens Investigation into Deadly Pylos Shipwreck Amidst Ongoing Deadly Crossings, NGOs Demand Humane Reception Conditions, “Nothing unusual” Says Commission President Defending Her Summer Holiday at Greek PM’s Villa. UK: PM to Bring Emergency Law After Rwanda Policy Ruled Unlawful, New Home Secretary Recycles Braverman’s Slogans, France Spends UK Funds on Surveillance Equipment and Electric Devices, Home Office Expands “Safe” List and Prevents NGO from Assisting Asylum Seekers.
  • 07/11/2023Eternal Dublination: the Implementation of the Dublin System in 2022. EU External Partners: EU Divided Over Gaza as Humanitarian Crisis, Displacement and Death Toll Increases, Leaked Document Reveals Israeli Plan for Permanent Displacement of the Strip Population in the Egyptian Sinai Desert. Mediterranean: Controversial Agreement Between Italy and Albania for Processing of Survivors, SAR Pull Factor Myth Again Debunked as Italy’s Crack-down Continues Amid More Deaths – Tunisia Departures Down After EU Deal. Greece: New Report Confirms the Cycle of Violence and Abuse at Greek Borders as Court Rejects Charges of Facilitation of Illegal Entry for Refugees, More Scrutiny over Hellenic Coast Guard Role in Pylos Tragedy. 
  • 20/10/2023. EU External Partners: With More Than Half of Gaza’s Population Displaced EU Struggles for Consensus and Focuses on Prevention of Arrivals Through a Deal with Egypt. Mediterranean: Newly Arrived Facing Lack of Reception in Italy as Appeal Court Closes “Dark Chapter” Reducing Sentence of Internationally Praised Former Mayor, Cyprus ‘Ranked’ First in EU on Returns, Malta’s Detention Regime “Blasted” by ECtHR, NGOs Save Lives Despite Crack-down. Poland: Opposition Takes Majority in Elections, People on the Move are Victims of “Political Game” At Belarus Border. Germany: Government to Implement Fixed Border Checks and Proposes Controversial Legislation to Increase Deportations Amid Reception Crisis, Far-right Election Gains and Worsening Public Attitudes. ECRE’s Recommendations: EU’s Response to the Displacement from Ukraine. ECRE Policy Paper: The Potential of The EU’s Long-term Residency Directive. 
  • 06/10/2023Editorial: So that’s it Then? Agreement(s) on the EU Asylum Reform. EU External Partners: Tunisia ‘Rejects’ EU Funding Casting Doubt on Deal as Reports of Abuse Continue to Mount, New Attack by So-called Libyan Coast Guard. EU Eastern Borders: Member States Approve Extension of Temporary Protection for Ukrainians, Crisis Package Agreed by Council Despite Poland and Hungary Veto, Lithuania to Install Physical Barriers in Marshy Border Areas with Belarus and Russia. Mediterranean: In Advance of Council Agreement on Crisis Package Med 9 Urged Support to “Front-line” States as Greece Praised own Deterrence Policies and Italy Attempted to Broaden Instrumentalisation Scope Amid New National Decrees, Maltese Non-response Continues – NGOs Save Lives. France: Activists & NGOs Denounce Long-Pursued Policy of Pushbacks Along Border with Italy, Dangerous Crossings Continue Amid Increased Deterrence Efforts.
  • 15/09/2023. Do you want to receive this or other newsletters from ECRE? You can subscribe following this link. Op-ed: The Global Refugee Forum (GRF) and the European Union (EU): From Pledges to Progress. EU Eastern Borders: Mixed Developments in Baltic States as EU Defends Lithuania and Latvia Over ‘Legalisation’ of Pushbacks, Polish Government Facing Headwind over Visa Corruption Scheme Amid Protests over Arbitrary Detention, Frontex Expanding Cooperation with Albania. EU External Partners: Niger Coup D’état Halts Migration Cooperation as Frontex Head Expresses Reluctance on Senegal and Mauritania Deployments, Deadly Natural Disasters in Morocco and Libya, Tunisia Deal Sparks New Outrage. Mediterranean: Ongoing Crossings & Tragedies Amid Escalation in “Senseless” War Against Civil Rescue Ships, Berlin Suspends Voluntary Deal to Take in Refugees from Italy & France Enhances Border Control, Maltese Authorities Postpones Elhiblu3 Hearing After 4.5 Years in Limbo. Greece: Forty Survivors of Pylos Tragedy File Criminal Complaint Against Authorities, Minister Resign over Blue Horizon Death, Pushback Orders to Border Guards Given by Top Officials, Refugees Evacuated from Camps to House Flood Victims, Non-response to Distress Calls Continue.
  • 08/09/2023Mediterranean: Increase of Racist Violence and Scapegoating Against Migrants and Asylum Seekers in Southern Europe, Civilian Rescue Operators Continue to Save Lives Amid Increased Death Toll in Central Med. Reception Crisis: Belgium Suspends Reception for Single Men Asylum Seekers, Wallonia Proposes Regularisation of Undocumented People to Fill Shortage in Labour Market. Greece: Company Accused of Locking Up Migrants Below Deck Implicated in Death of a Passenger, Non-assistance, Non-response, Delayed Assistance and Pushbacks Continue, Alliance with Italy to Strengthen Cooperation on Migration, EU Court’s Ruling on Frontex Raises Questions about Accountability as Greek Court Compensates a Refugee Over Unjust Detention. Joint Statement: Seven Priorities to Expand Resettlement and Safe Pathways to Europe
  • 01/09/2023Mediterranean: NGOs Calling for End of the Political Harassment Against Search & Rescue Amid Ongoing Deadly Crossings, More Documentations of Pullback Cases by EU-funded Libyan Coastguard as EU-Tunisia Deal Continues to Receive Criticism. Greece: Death at Sea and Death on Land as Politicians and Vigilantes Attack People on the Move over Forest Fires. UK: Latest Home Office Data Reveals Record-breaking Backlog and Increased Spending Amid New Plans to Expand Detention Spaces & Unpractical Promises to Stop the Boats. ECRE Policy Paper: Reforming EU Asylum Law: the Final Stage. AIDA.: Comparative Report: Access to Socio-economic Rights for Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection. Saudi Arabia: German and US Trained Forces Implicated in Mass Killings of Ethiopians at Yemen-Saudi Border
  • 26/07/2023Editorial: The EU’s Dodgy Deal with Tunisia is a Classic of the Genre: Undemocratic, Unlawful and Unlikely to Work. EU External Partners: EU’s Dodgy Deal with Tunisia Sparks Outcry Amid Continued Crack-down Against Sub-Saharan Migrants by the Regime. Search & Rescue: Ongoing Deaths, Obstruction of NGO SAR Activities and Abuses by Member States and EU “Strategic Partners”. UK: Passage of “Illegal Migration Bill” Sparks Outrage, “Unfair” Policy Announced to Raise Public Sector Pay by Increasing Immigration Visa Applications Amid New Plans to House Asylum Seekers in Prison-Like Accommodation. Greece: Frontex Head Visits Athens as the Agency Reportedly Considers Reducing Presence, Situation for Refugees and Asylum Seekers Remains Dire. Italy: International Conference Hosted in Italy to Address Migration “Flows” Sparks Criticism Amid Plans to Bring Worker Migrants to the Country. Overview: Asylum in Europe: the Situation of Applicants for International Protection in 2022.
  • 14/07/2023EU Eastern Borders: 4 Million People from Ukraine Granted Temporary Protection in Europe, Lithuania Beefs Up Deployment of Border Guards in Response to Risk of “Illegal Migration”, Hundreds of People Stuck at Belarus Border with Poland Where Even Opposition Adopts Anti-Migration Rhetoric. Search & Rescue: Parliament Records a “Big Victory” After Adopting Resolution Calling for More Action to Save Lives as Tragedies and Rescue Efforts Continue. EU External Partners: Libya and Tunisia Continue Crimes and Abuse – EU Continues Funding. Greece: One Month on from Pylos Shipwreck Government Deflects, Media Investigate and Frontex Contemplates. Joint Statement: NGOs call on Member States and European Parliament: Go no Lower: Reject the Use of Legal Loopholes in EU Asylum Law Reforms. 2022 Update AIDA Country Report: Türkiye.
  • 30/06/2023Atlantic Route and Spain: Government Expects to Deliver on Pact Despite Parliament Elections, Melilla Victims Still Waiting for Justice, Lack of Rescue Coordination with Morocco Continues to Cost Lives. Mediterranean: Increased Arrivals to Italy Amid Reports of Prison-Like Reception Conditions, 40 People Missing After Another Shipwreck, Ongoing Abuses by EU-Funded Libyan Coast Guard, Malta’s “Criminal Behaviour” Towards People in Distress Exposed Again. Greece: Elections Mark Another Step to the Right, Suspension of Frontex Activities Recommended by FRO, Case Against Nine Pylos Survivors Weak. UK: More Defeats for British Government’s Unlawful Migration Policies, Reports of Inhumane Reception Mount. Germany: NGOs Oppose Government’s Position on Reforms of CEAS, Rise of Far-Right Attacks on Reception Facilities, Reform of Immigration Law for Third Country Nationals Passed. 2022 Update AIDA Country Report: Croatia. AIDA Temporary Protection Compilation.
  • 23/06/2023. Enough is Enough…Until the Next Tragedy. Mediterranean: Ongoing Arrivals and Deaths Amid Negotiations Between Tunisia and EU Officials for “Better Border Control”, Maltese Prime Minister Renews Calls for Joint Cooperation to “Combat Migration” As Accusations by NGOs of Pushbacks & Non-Response Tactics Mount Up, Abuses by Libyan Coast Guard Continue. Channel: Sunak’s Frontex Plan Questioned by Peers Amid Ongoing Arrivals and Growing Controversies on the Migration Bill, Violent Police Repression in France as People Are Left on the Streets. Eastern Borders: Hungary’s Embassy Procedure Breaches EU and International Law CJEU Rules, Poland Passed Law Opposing Relocation of Asylum Seekers Amid Plans for Referendum, New Pilot Project between Frontex and Romania, Latvian Parliament Urged to Reject Legal Amendments Legalising Ill-treatment and Pushbacks. Revision of the EU Budget: The Commission Asks Member States to Pledge Additional Money for Ukraine and Migration. Greece: Shipwreck Leaving Hundreds Dead and Missing Sparks National and International Outcry, EU Denounced over Complicity, Conflicting Narratives Emerge as Nine Survivors Are Facing Charges. Open NGO Letter to Heads of States and Governments, Foreign Ministers, Trade Ministers, and Ministers of the Interior of the EU Member States on GSP Reform.
  • 09/06/2023. Migration Pact Agreement Point by Point. Mediterranean: Increasing Crackdown on Rescue Organisations by Italian Authorities, Arrests of Police Officers in Verona – Meloni, Commission President and Dutch PM to Visit Tunisia to Discuss Migration, Libya Continues Abuses Amid Ongoing Cooperation Between EU, Italy and the North-African Country. UK: Sunak’s Claim “bill is working” Met with Questions About Failures in a Broken Asylum System, Home Office Offers Inhumane Accommodation Options to Reduce Hotel Use. Greece: MEPs Confront Commission Officials over Pushbacks, People on the Move Again Caught in the Stand-off with Turkiye in the Evros Region. 2022 Update AIDA Country Report: Switzerland. Country Report: Greece.
  • 02/06/2023. SAR Draft Roadmap – State Responsibility Absent. Balkan Route: “Upgraded” Agreement Between EU and Montenegro in Border Management, Persecuted Minority Faith Group Denied Asylum at Bulgarian Border, NGO Calls for Investigation of Killing of Asylum Seeker at North Macedonian-Greek Border. Eastern Borders: Poland Continues Restricting Access to Asylum, Hungary’s Inhumane Policies Increase Smuggling Crimes and Deny People Protection, Austrian Minister Calls for Urgent Reform of “so broken” EU Asylum System. Mediterranean: More Arrivals to Italy and More Deaths at Sea as Tunisia Grows Increasingly Dangerous for Migrants, Malta Continues Non-response. Tactics and Facilitation of Returns to Libya. Greece: Elections on Both Sides of the Border as Pushbacks and Push for Returns Continue, Border Guards Arrested in Evros – More Deaths in the Aegean. 2022 Update AIDA Country Report: Ireland. Country Report: United Kingdom; Country Report: Italy; Country Report: Romania. 
  • 19/05/2023. Mediterranean: Significant Increase of Arrivals, EU Complicity in Cycle of Abuse in Libya, NGOs Continue Rescues and Strike Back on Criminalisation, Italy and France Clash Over Migration Amid Pushback Reports. Greece: Government Praise Own ‘Achievements’ on Migration Ahead of Election as Violations Continue, Situation in Closed Controlled Facilities Raise EU Concern and NGO Condemnation. France: NGOs Point to “Violations” of Rights at French Border with Italy and Spain, Authorities Condemned for 11th Time for Ill-treatment of Migrant Children, Government Cracks Down on Migrants Amid Growing Far-Right Anti-Migrant Attacks. UK: EU to Strengthen Cooperation with “friends” on Migration Amid Ongoing Critique of UK Bill, Home Secretary Claims Migrant Labour Harms the Country’s ‘National Character’, Regulations Providing Housing Protection to Be Removed. Joint Statement: Extend the Current Temporary Protection Regime for Displacement from Ukraine until 2025. 2022 Update AIDA Country Report: Poland.
  • 12/05/2023. Wait… are WE the Baddies Now? Episode 2: the UK Surpasses DK. Balkan Route and Eastern Borders: Ongoing Violent Pushbacks from Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pope Francis Urge Hungarians to Open Doors to Migrants, Latvia Criminalises Migrants Rights Defenders. Mediterranean: Controversial Cutro Decree Approved by Parliament as Italy Sees Continued Increase of Arrivals, Death Toll of 2023 Breaks 1,000 as NGO Struggle to Save Lives Under “Dramatic” Circumstances, Malta Ignores Distress Alerts. Germany: “Very Constructive” Refugee Summit Agrees on Tougher Migration Measures as Chancellor Calls for Respect to EU Values, Federal Government Revitalising “Unworkable” Externalisation Ideas Amid Increase of Attacks on Asylum Accommodations. Greece: Ongoing Violations in the Aegean and Evros, Turkish Elections Leave Refugees in Fear and the Future of the EU-Turkey Deal Uncertain. 2022 Update AIDA Country Report: Slovenia; Country Report: Portugal. Country Report: Serbia.
  • 05/05/2023. Op-ed: Forgotten Vulnerability: Greece’s Systematic Failure to Identify and Certify Victims of Torture. Mediterranean: Italy Delays, Malta Ignores, Tunisia and Libya Pull Back and Abuse. People on the Move Suffer. Atlantic Route and Spain: PM Hails Morocco as Essential Partner Amid Critique of Too Many Concessions, Significant Decrease of Arrivals to Canary Islands – Deaths and Distress at Sea Continue. Greece: EU-Funded Refugee Camps in the Aegean Built on a Regime of Incarceration, Authorities Use Criminal Proceedings as “Intimidation Tactic” Towards Humanitarians Amid Ongoing Pushbacks of Migrants, Refugees in Türkiye Suffer From Increasing Anti-Migrant Sentiment and Poverty. UK: Coastguard “Effectively” Ignores Distress Calls of People Crossing the Channel, Home Office Describes Return of Albanians as “Milestone” While Albanian Prime Minister Denounces UK, Officials Told to Look at “All Options” to House People Caught in Backlog. France: Violent Military Operation to Deport Irregular Migrants in Mayotte Raises Concerns Amid Diplomatic Crisis with Comoros and Puts French Rights Violations in The Spotlight. 2022 Update AIDA Country Report: Austria. Country Report: France.
  • 28/04/2023. EU Asylum Reform: Parliament Agrees its Positions; Council Enters Wild Terrain. Mediterranean: Series of Deadly Shipwrecks off Libya, Tunisia and Italy, Malta Continues Non-response While Italy Continues Delaying Disembarkation of Survivors, Top Court in the Netherlands Stops Dublin Transfers to Italy. Eastern Borders: Lithuania Legalised Pushbacks Despite Critique, Polish Authorities Blamed for Ongoing Deaths Along its Borders, Pope Francis Urged to Call Out Hungary’s Abusive Practices Towards Refugees During His Visit. Reception Crises: Activists Take Action as Thousands Remain Without Housing in Belgium, Police Violence and Protests in Dutch Emergency Shelters, Irish High Court Judgment Finds Failure to Provide Accommodation in Breach of EU Law. UK: Asylum Bill Passed Third Reading at House of Commons Amid Widespread Critique, Court of Appeal Told Rwanda Scheme Risk Breaches of the Geneva Convention, Current Asylum Accommodation System Running on De-facto Detention and Segregation. 2022 Update AIDA Country Report: Malta. ECRE Legal Note 14: The right to accommodation under the TPD.
  • 21/04/2023. Mediterranean: Arrivals and Deaths Up With UN Agency Pointing to Gaps in State Response to Distress, Italy Receives More Critique over State of Emergency, NGOs Warn of Unsafe Tunisia. UK: Rwanda Scheme Failing Promises a Year After Announcement, Conservatives Want to Take Greece’s “strict but fair” Policies as an Example, NGOs Urging Prime Minister to Scrap Plans for Asylum Camps at Military Bases and Ferries. Greece: Lack of Protection for Survivors of Modern Slavery Among Asylum Seekers, Migration Minister Denies Allegations of Pushbacks but Admits “Interception” Amid Ongoing Crack-down on Solidarity. Lithuania: Parliament Vote to Legalise Pushbacks – Leading NGOs and Academics Denounce ‘Hungarian Border Hunter Model’. 2022 Update AIDA Country Report: Hungary. 2022 Update AIDA Country Report: Spain y Country Report: Belgium.
  • 14/04/2023. EU Southern Borders: Italy Declares State of Emergency, Malta Continues Non-Response Tactics as More Lives Are Lost on the Med, Tunisia Calls for UN Objectivity Amid Ongoing Crackdown on Migrants. Croatia: Top Officials Share Sensitive Information on EU-Financed Border Operations, Ongoing Mass Deportations to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy to Hold Meeting with Croatia and Slovenia on “Balkan Route”. 2022 Update AIDA Country Report: Cyprus. 2022; Country Report: Netherlands.
  • 07/04/2023. EU Eastern Borders: Hungary Top Country in Carrying Out Pushbacks, Austrian Chancellor Seeks Nordic Cooperating to Fight “illegal migration”, More Corpses Found at Belarus-Poland Border as Lithuania Aims to Hold Belarus Accountable for Facilitating “Hybrid Threat”. Mediterranean: EU Blamed for Increase of Departures from Tunisia and Loss of Lives, NGO Rescue Ship Blocked, UN Report Notes Systematic Torture by EU Supported Libyan Authorities. Greece: Inadmissibility Decisions Continue – Türkiye Increasingly Unsafe, Decrease of Asylum Seekers in Greece as Pushbacks Continues. ECRE Fact-Finding Report: Seeking Refuge in Poland: Access to Asylum and Reception Conditions for Asylum Seekers. Working Paper: Focus on Eurodac: Disentangled from the ‘Package Approach’ but is it Fit to Fly?. 2022 Update AIDA Country Report on Bulgaria. 2022 Update AIDA Country Report: Sweden. 2022 Update AIDA Country Report: Germany. Information Sheet – Measures in Response to the Arrival of Displaced People Fleeing the War in Ukraine
  • 24/03/2023. European Commission Recommendation on Mutual Recognition of Return Decisions and Expediting Returns’ When Implementing the Return Directive. Balkan Route: EU Interior Ministers Agreed on Deportation Scheme from the Balkans in Secret, Enhanced EU-Serbia Cooperation Amid Increased Violence Towards Migrants, EU Commission Making 600 Million Euro Available to Support Member States with Border Control and Equipment. Greece: Situation Worsening for Refugees as EU-Turkey Deal Passes Seventh Anniversary, Frontex Beef up Cooperation on Return Amid MEP Scrutiny Over Violations, Crack-down on Human Rights Defenders Continues. UK: Home Secretary’s On “Showboat Trip” to Rwanda to Discuss Deportations, “Stop the Boats” Bill Under Critique from Tories, Private Firms Making Increased Profits from Asylum Hotels. ECRE and PICUM Policy Note: Fundamental Rights Compliance of Funding Supporting Migrants, Asylum Applicants and Refugees Inside the European Union. Policy Note: the Right to Education for Asylum Seekers in the EU.
  • 17/03/2023. Editorial: European Pact on Migration and Asylum. Latest Developments. Mediterranean: Another Deadly Tragedy Sparks Renewed. Critique of EU and Member States over Lack of Response, New Decree from Italian Government Focusing on Punishment and Exclusion. UK: A Multimillion Euro Agreement Concluded Between France & UK to “Break Illegal Migration”. Controversial Asylum Bill Passed to Second Reading Despite Critiques on All Fronts, Asylum Seekers Win Permission to Challenge the Unworkable Rwanda Plan. Belgium: Government Reception Plan with Main Focus on Restrictions and Return as Asylum Seekers and Activists Take Matters into Their Own Hands. Working Paper: Assessing legal grounds for protecting Afghan asylum seekers in Europe.
  • 10/03/2023. Partnership Principle in EU funds: Strong on Paper, Weak in Practice. EU Southern Borders: Med 5 Urge Returns and Relocation, EU Eyes on Migration Cooperation Rather Than Abuse in North Africa, Few Developments at JHA Council, Italy Under Scrutiny on Delayed Crotone Rescue as Appeal Launched Against Detention of NGO Rescue Ship. Greece: Refugees Criminalized While Authorities Commit Crimes with Impunity. UK: Government’s Asylum Ban Facing Criticism from all Sides, Mixed Response to Fast-tracking Plans, Accusations of Government Complicity in Rise of Far-Right Violence.
  • 03/03/2023. European Commission and Member State Plans to Link Readmission to Trade Preferences for Developing Countries Faces Criticism. Mediterranean: Italy Sees Critique and Scrutiny after Deadly Shipwreck as Government Continue Crack-down on Civilian Rescue Operators, Strong Reaction from African Union on “Hate Speech” From Tunisian EU Partner. Atlantic Route and Spain: More Tragedies Despite Rescue Efforts, Cargo Ships Taking Survivors to Disputed Territory in Western Sahara. Balkan Route: Ongoing Systematic Violence and Pushbacks Across Balkans, Frontex to Assist North Macedonia in “Border Management”, Bulgaria Sees Deadly Incident Leaving 18 Afghans Dead. Greece: Further “Fortification” of Borders and More Vessels for Hellenic Coast Guard as Situation for Refugees in Türkiye Worsens Following Earthquakes, Series of Reports on Systematic Detention and Abuse.
  • 17/02/2023. EU in Crisis Mode even though January Arrivals Decrease Compared to Last Year, Afghanistan and Syria Top Countries of Origin, Germany Latest Country to Repeat Unworkable Externalization Ideas. EU Eastern Borders: More Deaths at Poland Belarus Border as Reports of Pushbacks, Detention and Crack-down on Solidarity Continue, Council of Europe Concerned over Pushbacks and Criminalisation in Latvia. Mediterranean: New Deadly Tragedy as Italy Continue Going Rogue with Parliament Approval of SAR Decree, Again Delaying Disembarkations and Continuing Crack-down on NGOs. UK: Government Seeing Severe Critique After Violent Clashes Initiated by Far-Right Demonstrators Outside Hotel Accommodating Asylum Seekers. Belgium: Reception Crisis Continues and Convictions of Authorities Mount, NGOs Unimpressed with Evacuation of Unsafe Squat Leaving Many in the Street.
  • 10/02/2023. Mediterranean: More Deaths on Route From Tunisia, MSF Take Legal Action Against Delayed Disembarkations as Critique of Law Decree Continues and Italy and EU Beef Up Cooperation with Libya. Atlantic Route and Spain: Another Tragedy on Deadly Sea Route, Spain Continues Expanding Migration Cooperation with Morocco, Asylum Applications Up but Only Slightly Higher Than Prior to Pandemic. Greece: Deadly Tragedies in the Aegean and Survivors Facing Charges, Council of State Refers Safe Third Country Questions to CJEU, Scrutiny of Closed Controlled Camps. AIDA Comparative Report: Not there yet: Family Reunification for Beneficiaries of International Protection. Updated Information Sheet: Measures in Response to the Arrival of Displaced People Fleeing the War in Ukraine.
  • 03/02/2023. Calm Down, Mate: Asylum in 2022. EU Concerned About Increase in People Seeking Protection. Mediterranean: Almost Ten Years On from Deadly Tragedy. Nothing Has Changed, Italy’s Crack-Down on Civilian Rescuers Continue as Experts Council Urges Revoking of SAR Decree, Meloni Increases Cooperation with Libya. Ireland: Despite Warnings and Manageable Number of Arrivals Reception Crisis Escalates with No Accommodation for Single Adults and Debates of Time Limits on Support. Greece: Infringement Letters from the European Commission, NGOs Urge More Oversight on Greek Islands, Joint Civil Society Rule of Law Submission, Hundreds of Thousands ‘Prevented’ Entry.
  • 27/01/2023. Op-ed: Left Behind by Temporary Protection: The Asylum Seekers and Refugees Fleeing Russia’s War. Mediterranean: Italian Authorities Illegally Returns Asylum Seekers to Greece Investigation Finds, PM Meloni to Visit Libya as So-called Coast Guard Continues Violations, New Frontex Chief Promises to Respect Fundamental Rights Amid Pushback Controversy. Balkan Route: Arrivals to EU Up – Pushbacks and Violations Continue, ECtHR Rulings Against Hungary and Croatia. European Commission Presents Policy Document: ‘Towards an Operational Strategy for More Effective Returns’. Greece: Conflicting Messaging by Government as Evros Border is Further Fortified and Pushbacks Continue, Syrian Refugees Increasingly Unsafe in Turkiye Deemed Safe by Greece. UK: Home Office Under Fire After Hundreds of Asylum-Seeking Children Went Missing from Hotels, Ongoing Channel Arrivals Continue to Prove the Unworkability of Deterrence Policies Amid Renewed Commitment to Hostile Environment Policies. Policy Paper: Solidarity: The Eternal Problem: Recent Developments on Solidarity in EU Asylum Policies.
  • 20/01/2023Atlantic Route and Spain: EU’s Strategic Partner Toughens Prison Sentences of 13 Migrants, Border & Migration Policies Blamed for Loss of Lives on Migratory Routes, Vulnerable Migrants Exposed to “Levels of Exploitation Close to Slavery” in Canary Islands. Mediterranean: Ongoing Crossings & Deaths Amid Increasing Crackdown on Migrants & Civil Fleet, Meloni Government to Meet with Third Countries Involved in Rights Violations, A Series of Judgments By ECtHR Confirms Failures in Malta’s Asylum System. EU Eastern Borders: MSF Closes Operations in Latvia and Lithuania over Violent Pushbacks as Polish Border with Belarus Sees More Deaths. UK: Court of Appeal to Reconsider Rwanda Policy While Home Office Stands By It, Doubtful Initiatives to ‘fix’ Broken Asylum System, NGO Rejects Request to Take Down Video of Holocaust Survivor Confronting the Home Secretary. France: Council of State Leaving People in Destitution on Doubtful Vulnerability Criteria, 40 Per Cent of Asylum Seekers Without Material Reception Conditions, Evictions in Paris, Calais and Dunkerque.
  • 13/01/2023. Editorial: the TPD Proved Highly Efficient in Ukraine Response – Time to Repeal it? Mediterranean: New Deadly Tragedies as NGO SAR Operators Fight to Save Lives in the Face of Crackdown by Italy, Malta Reiterates Debunked Pull Factor Myth and Floats Ideas of Increased Cooperation with Libya. Greece: Increase of Pushbacks with Impunity Amid Ongoing Crackdown on Solidarity, Türkiye Considered “Safe” by Greek Authorities Sets New Record of Deportations, Thousands of Vulnerable Refugees Left Without Adequate Accommodation After Closing of ESTIA Programme. Belgium: Failure to Deal with Persistent Reception Crisis is “Attack on Rule of Law” Human Rights Institutions Say, Situation in the Building of Palais des Droits is “Worse than that in Libya’s Camps” Underline NGOs As Authorities Find No Solution. Policy Note: Movement to and From Ukraine Under the Temporary Protection Directive. Legal Note: Age Assessment in Europe: Applying European and international Legal Standards at all Stages of Age Assessment Procedures. ECRE Recommendations: The EU’s Response to Displacement from Ukraine.
  • 16/12/2022. Three Lessons and Some New Year’s Resolutions: Asylum at the End of an Unpredictable Year. EU Southern Borders: Deaths Off Spain and Morocco as Amnesty Denounces the Failure to Ensure Justice for Melilla Victims, More Than 500 Survivors Disembark in Italy, Frontex Facilitates Interception and Return to Libya. UK: Renewed Critique of Failed Policies, Doubtful Efforts to Fix “Broken Asylum System” and Clear “Chaotic Backlog”, UK-France Deal “Doomed to Fail” Union Says Amid Deaths on the Channel, Poor Healthcare in Reception Facilities “Adds Trauma on Trauma”. ECRE Factsheet: Asylum Statistics and the Need for Protection in Europe. EP Study Co-authored by ECRE and Commissioned by the EP LIBE Committee on Use of EU Funding for Asylum and Migration Outside the EU.
  • 09/12/2022. Mediterranean: Pope Urges Common Solutions – Meloni Urges EU Cooperation to Stem Arrivals to Italy, Trial Against Civilian Rescuers Again Postponed, Civil Fleets Continue Rescues in Face of Harassment by So-called Libyan Coast Guard. Balkan Route: Commission’s Plan Focus on Returns, Reports of Pushbacks Continue Amid Investigations Highlighting Systematic Violence, EU Admits Croatia to Schengen Without Regard to Abuses at the Border. UK: Braverman Denounced for Welcoming a Report Calling for a Crackdown on Asylum Seekers, Albanian Children Go Missing Amid UK-Albania Negotiation to Return Asylum Seekers to “safe” Albania, Reports of Inhumane Conditions in Reception Facilities Continue Emerging, No Afghans Resettled to UK Despite Promises. ECRE Reaction: No Majority for Instrumentalisation Regulation. Joint Statement: EU admits Croatia to Schengen Without Regard to Abuses at the Border. ECRE Policy Note: Monitoring the Implementation of Returns: A Complex Puzzle with Missing Pieces. Interview with Maria Chiara Monti, Centro Penc: Refugee Children’s Journey Beyond the Traumas of Reaching Europe.
  • 02/12/2022. Instrumentalisation is Not the only Bad Proposal – But it is the Worst. Mediterranean: Commission’s Action Plan on the Central Med Endorsed by EU Interior Ministers Amid Critiques Over Recycling Old Mistakes, High-Profile EU Politicians Accused of Committing “Crimes Against Humanity” Over Cooperation with EU-Funded Libyan Coast Guard. Greece: Violations and Deflection Continue as Does EU Support and Will-full ‘Ignorance’, EUAA Joins Frontex on Controversy List, Unsafe Türkiye Remains ‘Safe’ Third Country. Spain: Government Sticks to Script on Melilla Massacre in Face of Mounting Evidence Disputing it – MPs Call for Marlaska to Resign, Spain and Morocco Continue Strengthening Relations. UK: Channel Crossings Continue Despite Ongoing Deterrence, Government Urged to Return Albanian Asylum Seekers Including Victims of Trafficking, UK Accused of “hypocrisy” Over Posturing on Survivors of Violence, Manston Scandals Keep Emerging. Working paper: Higher Education in Europe: A Pathway to Protection for Afghans? Updated Information Sheet: Measures in Response to the Arrival of Displaced People Fleeing the War in Ukraine.
  • 25/11/2022. Editorial: Shipwreck or Solidarity – What’s Next on the Mediterranean SAR Crisis? Balkan Route: Attempts to Reach EU Continue as the Council Seeks to Expand Frontex Presence in the Region, Croatia Closer to Schengen Amid Continued Violations, Trilateral Agreement to Increase Border Control. Channel: As Crossings Pass 40,000 UK, Deal with France Recycles Old Mistakes, Lack of Response by UK and France Before Deadly Tragedy Could Lead to Criminal Charges. Belgium: Refugees Enduring “Unacceptable, Inhumane & Degrading” Conditions as Reception Crisis Continues, De Moor Blames Lack of Reception Facilities on “Disproportionate Influx”, ECtHR Applies Another Interim Measure on Right to Reception. Poland: Called Out on Rule of Law but “Shedding EU Problem Child Tag”, EU Supported “Firm” Border Policies Continue as Polish Border Guards Fear Criminal Charges.
  • 11/11/2022. Mediterranean: Stand-off Over Disembarkations of Survivors Rescued by Civilian Search and Rescue Operators Leaves Italian Government on Collision Course with France, NGOs and International Law. Reception Crises: Belgium Leaves Afghans in Legal Limbo Amid Plans to Refuse their Asylum Claims, Asylum Seekers Including Minors & Families with Children are Left Out Without Shelter in Europe’s Capital, A New Law in the Netherlands to Accommodate Refugees Is Approved by the Right. Spain: UN Experts Calls for Accountability over Deadly Melilla Tragedy as Delegation of MPs is Confronted with New Details, Morocco Continue Crackdown on Migrants. UK: Government Has Broken its Own Asylum System to Deflect Governance Failures, Asylum Seekers Speak of “grim” “wretched” conditions at Reception Facilities, UK-France Reportedly About to Close a Deal to Curb “illegal” Migration. Greece: Calls for Safe and Legal Pathways Reiterated as Three More Bodies are Recovered in the Aegean, As Government Remains Defiant in the Face of Mounting Evidence of Violations EU Top Official Declare Support. ECRE & UNHCR Report: Follow the Money IV. The use of AMIF and ISF-BV funds outside the EU.
  • 04/11/2022Atlantic Route and Spain: Investigation of Melilla Tragedy Puts Spanish Government “Under Fire” as EU Beefs Up Cooperation with Morocco. Balkan Route: Hungary Increasing Fence on Serbian Border Amid Ongoing Violence and Extended Controls, NGOs to Launch a Joint Action to Support Refugees Surviving Winter in Abandoned Buildings of Belgrade. EU Eastern Borders: EU Commission to Provide 100 Million Euros More to Countries Hosting Ukrainian Refugees as Arrivals are Increasing, Hungary Prepared to Welcome more Ukrainians While Abusing. Refugees from Other Nationalities. Mediterranean: Malta’s Non-Response Tactics Denounced, Italy Leaves Survivors Stranded at Sea, EU Increases Migration Management Cooperation with Egypt as Italy Renews Libya Deal. UK: Home Office Under Fire Over Mishandling of Channel Crossings and Inhumane Reception of Asylum Seekers, Braverman Calls Migrants “invaders” a Day After the Racist Attack on Migrant Centre Greece: Two Deadly Shipwrecks in the Aegean, Continued Pushbacks and Non-Response by Authorities, NGOs Urge a Repeal Safe Third Country List. Interview: With the London Based Refugee-led Organisation Bees & Refugees
  • 28/10/2022. EU Southern Borders: Spain and EU Funding for Morocco Amid Crack-down on Migrants, IOM Reports Thousands of Deaths on the Atlantic and Mediterranean as Tragedies Continue, Italy Funds the So-called Libyan Coastguard Amid Protests Over Migration Cooperation. Balkan Route: Commission Increases Support to Tighten Border Control in the Western Balkans Amid Increase in Violence and Pushbacks. K: Braverman Returns ‘Home’ with New PM Cabinet, Victory Recorded Against Rwanda Scheme as Airline Hired for Deportations Withdraws, 222 Children Went Missing From Hotels and Home Office Accused of “Child Protection Failure”. Greece: HRW Finds Türkiye Increasingly Unsafe for Refugees and Calls for EU Pressure to Repeal JMD, Pushbacks and Abuse Continue and Recognised Refugees are Left in Destitution.
  • 14/10/2022. Frontex: EU’s Largest Agency Facing Scrutiny on All Fronts. Mediterranean: Pope Francis Calls Exclusion of Migrants “Criminal” as Meloni Vows to Crack Down on Immigration, Med5 Urges Frontex Operations in Third-Countries to Stop Departures, Cycle of Deaths and Distress Continues. Reception Crises: Dutch Authorities Appeal Ruling Ordering Respect For Right to Reception, Belgium Leaves Vulnerable Asylum Seekers in the Streets Without Shelter. European Parliament Assesses Croatia’s Readiness to Join Schengen. Greece: Commission Sees EU Solidarity and Improvement – EU Watch-dog and MEPs See Violations, Government Messaging Under Scrutiny, Refugees Deported Facing Destitution.
  • 07/10/2022. Eastern Borders: Partial Mobilisation Sparks Arrivals to EU, Commission Calls for Reinforced Security Scrutiny on Visas. Search and Rescue: Tragedies Off the Canary Islands and Greece as Death Count Continue to Mount for People Trying to Reach Europe – Civilian Rescuers Saves Thousands of Lives. UK: From Bad to Worse as Government Continues Policies Gone Rouge with Proposal to Ban Asylum for People Arriving Via the Channel and “Obsession” to See Rwanda Deportations Implemented. ECRE-PICUM Policy Note: Displacement from Ukraine – the EU’s Financial Response.
  • 30/09/2022. Atlantic Route and Spain: “There was no massacre” Spanish Minister of Interior says, Large Number of Arrivals and Rescue Operations as Morocco and Spain Attempt to Delay The Melilla Investigation. Mediterranean: Death Count from Latest Tragedy Passes 100, Civilian Rescuers Save Lives While Facing Non-Response, Delays of Disembarkation and Crack-down, Italy Takes A Step to the Far-Right. Balkan Route: New Violent Tactics of Pushbacks Across the Region, CJEU Finds Hungary in Violation of EU Law, Frontex to Operate In North Macedonia Despite Allegations of Complicity in Pushbacks. Greece: Systematic Pushbacks Continue by Sea and Land as MEPs Demand EU Action, Deaths Up Proportionate to Arrivals, Number of People in Reception System Reduced by Half – Mitarachi Still Not Satisfied. ECRE Policy Paper: Quo Vadis EU Asylum Reform? Stuck Between Gradual Approach, (Mini)-Package Deals and Instrumentalisation. 
  • 16/09/2022. Atlantic Route and Spain: Moroccan Forces Open Fire Against Migrants Amid Strengthened Cooperation with EU and Spain, Frozen Investigation of Melilla Tragedy and Alarming Death Toll on Atlantic. Balkan Route: Children Face Multiple Forms of Violence Along Balkan Borders, Humiliation and Violence at Hungarian Border, Aggravated Exclusion of Ukrainian Roma Refugees in Hungary. Central Med: Cypriot Government Looking for EU ‘Solution’ to Increasing Arrivals, More Deaths as Civilian Rescuers Continue to Face Non-Response and Delays of Disembarkation of Survivors. Reception Crises: Hundreds of Asylum Seekers Left Without Accommodation in Ireland, Dutch Authorities Restrict Access to Ter Apel, NGOs Says Belgium Lacks Political Will for Shelter. Denmark: Joint Statement Brings Little Clarity on Rwanda Outsourcing but Generates Renewed Critique. Greece: Pushbacks by Sea and Land, Türkiye an Increasingly ‘Unsafe Third Country’. AIDA Update: The implementation of the Dublin III Regulation in 2021. ECRE Commentary: An Analysis of the Fiction of Non-entry as Appears in the Screening Regulation.
  • 09/09/2022. Editorial: Asylum reforms: Ukraine Stimulates a Rethink at the Restart. Central Med: More Death and Many Bodies are Unrecovered, Hundreds Disembark in Italy as Maltase Non-response Claims the life of a child, New Evidence of Widespread Abuse in Libya. UK: New PM Urged to Address Failing Asylum System as Home Secretary Resigns, Skeletons Flying Out of the Closet Amid High Court Juridical Review of Rwanda Policy, Arrivals Across the Channel Continue. Greece: Government States 150,000 People have been “Averted” but Denies Pushbacks, ‘Safe Third Country’ Inadmissibility Decisions Continue as Hate Crimes are On the Rise in Türkiye. Joint Statement: NGOs call on Member States: Agreeing on the Instrumentalisation Regulation will be the Final Blow to a COMMON European Asylum System (CEAS) in Europe. Joint statement: One year after the country’s takeover by the Taliban – How did Europe welcome Afghans in need of protection?
  • 02/09/2022. Central Med: New Deaths Adds to the Ever Mounting Total, Civil Fleet Busy Saving Lives, Malta Non-responsive and People Returned to Libya Facing Abuse and Deadly Conflict. Reception Crises: Dutch State Sued Over Inhumane Conditions and Critisised over Proposed Crisis Measure to Limit Family Reunification, Fedasil staff Protests as Reception Crisis in Belgium Reaches Boiling Point. Greece: Government Takes Another Crack at Preventing Free Press. Reports of Pushbacks and Non-Response Continue. UK: Cost of Asylum System Reaches £2bn as Case Backlog and Arrivals Across the Channel Peaks. Rwanda Deal Remains Flawed and Under Heat. Report: BVMN Balkan Regional Report (July 2022).
  • 08/07/2022. Atlantic Route and Spain: Deadly Tragedy at Melilla Border Causes Local Protests and International Outcry – More Deaths on the Atlantic; Balkan Route: Systematic Pushbacks Continue Across the Balkans, Shortcomings in Croatia’s Monitoring Mechanism, Hungary Applies Double Standards in Approach to Arrivals; Central Med: Another Deadly Tragedy Despite Civilian Rescue Efforts, Delay of Disembarkations Continue, Deaths in Libyan Desert and New Reports of Horrific Abuse; Eastern Borders: CJEU Finds Lithuania’s Legislation Unlawful Amid New Reports of Abuses, Polish Court Ruling on the Illegality of Pushbacks, Poland Replaces a No-Access Zone with Steel Wall; EU Ukraine Response: Commission Proposes to Give 30 Per Cent of Cohesion Funds for Ukraine Response to Local Authorities and Civil Society; Greece: ECtHR Condemns Greece in Prominent Ruling, New Evidence of Pushbacks, Renewed EU Critique – Same Old Denials, Government Ignores European Courts and Continue Crack-Down on Solidarity.
  • 24/06/2022. ECRE Editorial: End Game Of French Presidency - Passing On a Partial Reform. Central Med: Deaths Off Tunisia, Civilian Rescuers Save Hundreds of Lives as Delays in Disembarkation Persist, NGOs Denounce Malta’s Deterrence Tactics, Cyprus Seeks EU Support. Atlantic Route and Spain: Push for Inclusion of Irregular Migration as Threat to NATO, Old Routes Remain Deadly and New Deadly Routes Emerge Amid Tensions Over Western Sahara. Reception Crises: Dutch Authorities Acknowledge Crisis Seeking Solutions, Belgian Court Raise Question of Systematic Violations but Public Prosecutors Find No Criminal Offence. Greece: Minister Accuses MEPs of Being manipulated by Propaganda and NGOs of Coordinating with Human Smugglers, Reports of the Use Third-Country Nationals in Pushbacks Operations.
  • 17/06/2022. Balkan Route: Irregular Arrivals Increase Says Frontex, Pushbacks Continues Says UN Special Rapporteur, Hungary Exposed Family to Degrading and Inhumane Treatment Says ECtHR. Central Med: Trial Against Rescuers Suspended over Prosecutors “Sloppy Work, Salvini Facing Defamation Charges Over Slander of Former Sea-Watch Captain, Civilian Rescues Continue. Eastern Borders: UNHCR updates Ukraine Displacement Data, Asylum Requests by Russians Doubled EUAA Says, Poland to Abolish No-access Zone on Belarus Border, Czech Republic Limits Assistance to Ukrainians. Pushback Practices: A De Facto but Covered-up Policy for Many States Says UN Special Rapporteur Amid Recent Examples of Doubtful Tactics in the EU. Greece: Authorities Ignore ECtHR Interim Measures and Distress Calls as Turkiye Increase Return Efforts of Refugees, Systematic Detention of Asylum Seekers Persists. UK: Victory for Human Rights Defenders as Rwanda Flight ‘Crashes’ on the Runway – Government Humiliated but Looking for Come Back.
  • 10/06/2022. Central Med: Med5 Urges EU to Make ‘Solidarity’ Mandatory as Civilian Rescuers Take Main Responsibility for Saving Lives and Battle Authorities to Ensure Safe Disembarkation. JHA Council: French Presidency to Push for Progress on Gradual Approach and agreement on the Schengen Borders Code. Greece: Criminalisation of Refugees Continue as Teenagers Are Again Convicted of Moria Fire, Deployments of Border Police in Evros While ECtHR Rulings Are Ignored, Ombudsman Questions Pushback ‘Investigations. UK: Home Office Give Asylum Seekers ‘An Offer You Can’t Refuse, Unaccompanied Children and LGBTQ People at Risk of Deportation to Rwanda, Channel Crossings Approach 10,000. AIDA 2021 Update: Sweden.
  • 03/06/2022. Better, Bad, Worse, Worst Approaches? The Asylum Reforms after “Ukraine”. Central Med: Death Toll Reach 600 as Civilian Rescuers Fight to Save Lives, Malta Ignoring Distress at Sea and Detaining Children on Land. EU Eastern Borders: Scrutiny of Polish Authorities at Belarus Border, UNHCR Joins Choir of Critique over Estonian Amendments of the State Borders Act. Ukraine Displacement: Over 6.8 Million Refugees, Heightened Risk for Women and Girls, Updated Information Sheet and Revised ECRE Advocacy Messages to the EU. Greece: Crack-down on NGOs and Criminalisation of Solidarity Continues, Government Announces “Blocking” Thousands of Arrivals in Evros Amid New Pushback Reports. AIDA 2021. Update: Greece. Update: Poland. Update: Portugal. Update: Romania.
  • 25/05/2022. Central Med: Malta Continues to Ignore Distress Alerts Leaving People at the Mercy of So-called Libyan Coast Guard, Civilian SAR Operators Save Lives as Crackdown is Ongoing. UK: Confusion Over (Raw)anda Deal as Home Office Moves to Detain Asylum Seekers, Deterrence Effect Doubtful as Channel Crossings Continue, Ten Years of Hostile Environment Leaves Nothing to Celebrate. AIDA 2021. Update: Italy. AIDA 2021 Update: Slovenia. Working Paper: The Migration Management Strategy of the EU towards Africa Analysed from a Senegalese and West African Perspective.
  • 13/05/2022. TPD Implementation: Ukraine Displacement Crisis at the End of Its Beginning. Central Med: Civilian Rescuers Save Hundreds of Lives as Deaths Are Reported off Italy and Tunisia, Returns to Libya Continue. Atlantic Route and Spain: Rescues and Deadly Tragedies as Spain Strengthen Migration Deterrence Cooperation with Morocco. UK: Government Press Ahead with Rwanda ‘Plan’ Amid Legal Challenges, Warnings and Protests and Despite Own Assessments Pointing to Concerns. AIDA 2021 Update: Malta.
  • 06/05/2022Ukraine Displacement: More than 13 Million Displaced and Growing Concern over Vulnerable Groups, Situation in Border States Increasingly Dire. Search and Rescue: UNHCR Call for Urgent Action over Deaths at Sea, Meanwhile Deaths Continue on the Mediterranean and Atlantic Routes. Greece: ESTIA Melt Down Continues – Criminalisation, Crack-downs and Pushbacks Still the ‘Welcome’ for People in Search of Protection. AIDA 2021 Update: Austria, Croatia y Serbia.
  • 29/04/2022Updated Information Sheet: Measures in Response to the Arrival of Displaced People Fleeing the War in Ukraine; Central Med: Despite Civilian Rescues Death Toll; Continues to Rise, Interceptions and Returns to Libya, Cyprus’ Only Registration; Centre Overcrowded and in Deplorable Conditions; Frontex: Leggeri Out Reportedly over OLAF Scrutiny as New Investigation Points to Cover Up of Pushbacks, Coast Guard Agency is ‘Arming Up’, Switzerland Sees Protests Ahead of Referendum on Continued Support; UK: Goes Rogue as ‘Anti-Refugee Bill’ Passes into Law and MoU is Signed with Rwanda, Pushback Policy Withdrawn and Homes for Ukraine Scheme Designed to Fail. AIDA 2021: Hungary; Ireland; Spain y Switzerland. 
  • 08/04/2022Editorial: Ten Points for Ten Point Ukraine Plan – Let’s Make it Count!. Op-ed: Why Europe Needs to Address the Protection Needs of Stateless Refugees Fleeing Ukraine. Ukraine Displacement: As the Number of Refugees and IDPs Pass 11 million Concerns Grow Over Vulnerable Groups, EU Allocates 17 Billion Euro in Support, Civil Society Struggle to Keep up with Ukrainian Arrivals in Poland as Abuse Continues on Belarus Border. Frontex: MEPs Withhold Discharge of Frontex Budget, Swiss Poll Reveals Support for Continued Funding the Agency Ahead of Referendum, Increased Cooperation with INTERPOL. Central Med: Rescues Continue to Rise On the Deadliest Sea Route to Europe, Pope Francis Denounces Malta’s Treatment of Migrants and Condemns EU’s Complicity in Libyan Abuse as Returns Continue Unabated. Greece: Solidarity With Ukrainians Have Sparked No Change for Other People in Need of Protection, Chronic Barriers for Refugees, Commission Expects Government to Ensure the Health and Safety in High Risk Lesvos Camp. UK: House of Lords Again Rejects ‘Anti Refugee Bill’, Government Claims Outsourcing Deal with Rwanda is Close, Minister Wows to Cut Waiting Times as Critique of Homes for Ukraine Scheme Continues, NGOs Urges Access for Afghans. AIDA 2021 Update: Belgium. AIDA 2021 Update: France. AIDA 2021 Update: Germany. AIDA 2021 Update: The Netherlands.
  • 01/04/2022. Ukraine Displacement: As Millions are Displaced Aid Agencies Are Challenged and Women and Children Fleeing Are Exposed, Mandatory Distribution off the Table but Concern over Uneven Arrivals, EU to Increase support for Moldova. Central Med: Rescues and Death Toll Continue to Rise, Germany to stop training the so-called Libyan Coast Guard, Pope Francis Calls on Malta to Welcome refugees. Information Sheet: Measures in Response to the Arrival of Displaced People Fleeing the War in Ukraine. Greece: Guarantees of Capacity for Ukrainian Refugees while the Situation Remains Dire in Camps Across the Country, Government Body Finds No Evidence of Pushbacks. UK: Home Office Phone Confiscation Policy Declared Unlawful, Visa Restrictions and ‘Homes for Ukraine’ Scheme Facing Headwind, 12,000 Afghan Evacuees Remain in Temporary Housing. AIDA 2021 Update: Cyprus. 
  • 25/03/2022. ECRE Editorial: EU Displacement Response Turned Upside Down in Ukraine and So It Should Remain. Ukraine Displacement: As Displacements Hit 10 Million Mark Vulnerable Groups are Exposed, Neighbouring Countries Rely on Civil Society and EU Assistance, Commission Rejects Mandatory Distribution of Refugees. Atlantic Route and Spain: Canary Route Among Deadliest, EU Plans to Strengthen Cooperation with Morocco, Resumption of Deportation Flights, Double Standards in Approach to Arrivals. Channel : Evictions Continue in Grande Synthe and Calais as UK and France Enters Spat over Ukrainian Refugees, Frontex Deploys Aircraft to Detect Unauthorised Crossings. Greece: Group Stranded in Evros Rescued After ECtHR Intervention, Complaint Against Frontex Lodged Before ECJ as Details of OLAF Report are Revealed, Relocation Scheme Launched as Authorities Ramp Up Support to Ukrainians. UK: Black Tuesday as MP Vote on ‘Anti Refugee Bill’ – Scheme to Outsource Responsibility Does Little to Stop Critique of Visa Restrictions for Ukrainians. Policy Note: Schengen Borders Code Amendments: More Hostile Borders – Less Space For Human Rights. Policy Note: A Step Too Far: Introducing “Instrumentalisation” In EU Law.
  • 18/03/2022Ukraine Displacement: Millions Flee as Humanitarian Need Rises, Concerns for Vulnerable People, Frontex Assists with Returns, Russians Dissidents Flee. European Ukraine Response: Refugee Arrivals Continue Across Europe. Central Med: Death Toll Continues to Rise on the Busiest Sea Route to Europe. Poland: Reception Difficulties Emerge Amid Vast Volunteer Effort, Ukraine-Poland Border Worlds Apart from Belarus-Poland Border. Germany: Solidarity with Ukrainian Refugees, Berlin Under Pressure, Other Asylum Seekers Moved Along, Pro Asyl Slams Pre-Deportation Detention. Cyprus: Children Watchdog Appalled by Reception Conditions in Pournara, President Promises Improvement But Blames High Number of Arrivals. AIDA 2021 Update: United Kingdom.
  • 11/03/2022. EU Ukraine Response: EU Steps Up With Temporary Protection, Border Management Guidelines, Humanitarian Aid, and Support to Member States. Ukrainian Borders: More Than Two Million Arrivals to Neighbouring States, Strong Community Response in Poland, Hungary Introduces Tougher Controls, Moldova Under Pressure Information Sheet: Access to Territory, Asylum Procedures and Reception Conditions for Ukrainian Nationals in European Countries. Frontex: MEPs Urge Release of EU Anti-Fraud Investigation, Frontex to Increase Manpower at Ukrainian Border, Green Light for Talks on Senegal Deployment. Balkan Route: Years of Pushbacks Condemned, Ombudsman Slams Commission Failure on Croatian Funding, Asylum Shortcomings in Serbia, Hungarian Border Violence. Greece: Civil Society Organisations Demand EU Action on Third Country Concept, Pushbacks Continue with Frontex Involvement, Ukrainians Receive Access to Housing, Medical Care and Work While Regular Reception Remains Dire. Spain: Record Number of Melilla Crossings as Violence Prompts Outrage, Quiet Spell on the Atlantic Route, Preparations to Welcome Ukrainians. ECRE Comments on the Commission Proposal to Amend the Schengen Borders Code.
  • 25/02/2022. Ukraine Displacement: European Preparations and the Perpetual Solidarity Question. EU Eastern Borders: Ukraine Invasion Drives Displacement, Vast Majority of ECtHR Injunctions Granted, Calls for End to Polish Emergency Laws. Atlantic Route and Spain: Rescues and Tragedy, Moroccan Migration Cooperation Morocco, Judge Orders Return Of Expelled Minors, Border Procedure Plans Spanish Enclaves. Central Med: Hundreds Rescued Yet Death Toll Continues to Rise, Frontex Covers Up Cooperation with Rogue Libyan Authorities, Protests in Tunisia. AIDA 2021 Update: Bulgaria. Austria: New Judgment Confirms Pushbacks, Swiss-Austrian Readmission Agreement Review Paves the Way for Summary Returns, Government Seeks Cooperation on Return. Greece: Pushbacks Face Renewed International, Legal, Political, and Public Scrutiny, Turkey Conducts Large-Scale Returns, Coast Guard Seeks to Purchase Surveillance Software. UK: Australian Adviser Recruited, Welsh and Scottish Parliaments Reject Bill, Afghans Stuck in Hotels, Home Office Accused of Harming Women and Ignoring Racism. Cyprus: MoU Signed with European Commission While Government Casts Blame on Asylum Seekers.
  • 18/02/2022.Op-ed: The EU Must Stop Trapping Migrants in Libya or Risk Complicity in Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes. EU Eastern Borders: “Disastrous” Reception Conditions in Poland and Lithuania, Pushbacks Denounced, Uptick in Arrivals to Latvia Amid Fears of War in Ukraine. Balkan Route: New Croatian Pushback Revelations, Mistreatment of People in Transit, States Block Afghans but Declare Hospitality Vis-à-vis Ukrainians. Central Med: Rescues Continue as Malta is Called Out for Preventing Disembarkation and Conducting Pushbacks to Libya Whose ‘Coast Guard’ Again Faces Scrutiny. Greece: Aegean Sea Unmonitored as Crackdown on Civil Society Continues, New Violent Pushbacks Amid Collective Deportations from Turkey to Syria, New Lesvos Camp in High Risk Area. Germany: Government Urged to Speed Up Afghan Visas, Smugglers Exploit Dreams of Germany, Tens of Thousands of “Onward Movement” Claims on Hold. Switzerland: Kids Suffer in Deportation Facilities, Government Lambasted Over Afghan Humanitarian Visas, Initiative to Welcome Refugees at Local Level, Warnings against Dublin Transfers to Italy. Cyprus: Government Blames Turkey for High Number of Arrivals and Requests Frontex Patrols – Leggeri Promises Support and Facilitation of Returns. 
  • 11/02/2022. Frontex: EU Border Control in Africa Set to Expand, Commission Floats Political Oversight, Switzerland to Vote on Frontex Funding, Belgium Plans Scrutiny Hearing; Atlantic Route and Spain: Shift to Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, Children at Risk on Islands, Resumption of Deportation Flights to Morocco, Venezuelans Seek Refuge in Spain. Channel: Macron Calls on UK to Offer Safe Routes, Home Office Prioritises Crackdown on “Illegal Migration” and Mothballs Afghan Resettlement, Squatters Protest French Policies. Central Med: EU Boosts Support to Libya Amid Detainee Hunger Strike, Activists Protest Deaths at Sea, Cyprus Pushes for Returns, El Hiblu 3 Trial Continues. Greece: UNHCR Calls for Urgent Investigation as More Bodies are Recovered in Evros, Court Rules in Favour of Refugees Accused of Arson, Local Protestors in Lesvos Arrested for Arson.
  • 04/02/2022. Editorial: French Presidency Plans: New Momentum or Hot Air?. Central Med: Civil Fleet Continue to Save Lives as Italian Authorities Drop Charges, Italy Urged to End MoU with Libya Where List of Crimes Against Migrants Grows. EU Eastern Borders: Poland Insists on Hard-Line EU Response, Border Wall Endangers Environment and People Alike, Reception Conditions Under Fire, Warm Welcome for Ukrainians Lays Bare Double Standards. Atlantic Route and Spain: Political Infighting Leaves Lanzarote Arrivals in Overcrowded Facility, Boat Drivers Sentenced to Jail, Record Rescues in the Last Weeks of January. Greece: People on the Move Caught in Deadly Greek-Turkish Stand-off, Government Attempts to Hide Lack of Access to Asylum Procedures, EU-Funded “Prison Structures” Face Local Opposition. UK: January Channel Crossings Up Five-Fold, “Illegal Entry” Deemed Misleading, Borders Bill Endangers LGBTI+ Applicants and Blocks Safe Passage, Phone Seizures Challenged.
  • 28/01/2022. ECRE Comments: EC Proposal on Situations of Instrumentalisation in the Field of Migration and Asylum; AIDA Comparative Report: Digitalisation of Asylum; Balkan Route: Serbia Ignores ECtHR Injunction and Extradites Bahraini Dissident, New Border Violence Reports, Orban Tries Old Tricks to Win New Election; Med: EU Report Calls for Continued Cooperation with Libya, UN SG Warns of Thousands Illegally Detained in ‘Inhumane’ Conditions, Civilian Rescues Continue Yet Death Toll Mounts; Atlantic Route: More Deaths on Dangerous Journeys, Smugglers Evade Moroccan Authorities, Women Increasingly Risk Their Lives at Sea. EU Eastern Borders: Interior Ministers Want to Beef Up ‘Protection’ of Borders, Lithuania Fines MSF Medics, Court Backs Red Cross in Polish Border Zone, Ombudsman Finds Polish Reception Insufficient. Belgium: Authorities Convicted Over Asylum and Reception Mismanagement. Smuggler Sentenced for 39 Deaths in 2019 Tragedy. Greece: Pushbacks by Sea to Go Before ECtHR, Access to Procedures Restricted on Land, Rule of Law Concerns in Asylum System Persist, Commission Challenges Legality of the Safe Third Country Concept. Malta: Children Released After Almost Two Months of Illegal Detention. People Detained at Sea in 2020 Had Tested Negative for Covid-19. Cyprus: UNHCR Urges Fair and Fast Asylum Procedures with Increased Arrivals and Raises Concern over Situation for Unaccompanied Children in Overcrowded Reception Centre. 
  • 21/01/2022. EASO Becomes EUAA as New Mandate Enters into Force. EU Eastern Borders: Commission Emergency Proposal Comes Under Fire, MEPs Visit Rights-Free Border Zone, Supreme Court Rules on Polish Media Ban. Balkan Route: Movement Increases in the Region as Europe Fortifies, Afghans Fleeing the Taliban Face Dire Conditions at EU Borders. Atlantic Route and Spain: Court Rejects Complaint on Reception Failings, ‘Smart’ Borders Risk Reinforcing Racism, Tragedy at Sea Driven by Sahel Displacement. Med: Rome Court Orders Humanitarian Visas for Two Afghans Within Ten Days, Ocean Viking Blocked in Italy, Case Submitted to ICC over Malta and Italy’s Complicity in Crimes in Libya. Greece: Huge Discrepancy Between Reported Rescues and Arrivals Suggests Massive Pushbacks, Billions Spent do Little for Violations and Mismanagement. UK: Ghana Refutes Offshoring Claims, Home Office Scandals Multiply as Nationality and Borders Bill Faces Renewed Scrutiny, High Court Slams Age Assessment Practices. France: Zemmour Fined for Hate Comments on Teen Migrants, Afghans are the Main Group Seeking Protection in France, Northern Coast Marked by Tragedy, People on the Move Targeted by Police.
  • 14/01/2022. Atlantic Route and Spain: One in Five Canary Route Journeys End Deadly, Spanish Rescue Service Restarts Reporting, Law Reform Lets Young New Arrivals Work Med: Tragedy Continues as Routes Changes and Situation in Libya Deteriorates Even Further. EU Eastern Borders: Belarus and Poland Enact Brutal Violence and Block Aid Workers, Lithuania Lifts State of Emergency. Channel: Crossings Soar in 2021 with no Legal Routes, Fears for Displaced after Calais Funding Cut, UK “Warm Welcome” Illusive as Resettlement Flops. Denmark: MEPs Confront Danish Minister on Rogue Asylum Policies as Syrians Flee to Other Member States. Greece: Deadly End to 2021, Pushbacks Prevent Arrivals and Drive People Towards More Deadly Routes, Closed Controlled Camps Again Face Legal Scrutiny and Criticism. Cyprus: UN Raises Concern Over Treatment of Asylum Seekers, Confrontations Between Locals and People on the Move met with Police Clampdown. 

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